Selling at Auction

…the auction advantage

In an American culture where the word auction connotes Ebay® screens and government repossession sales, the auction marketing method has grown to be a more than viable way to sell real estate, heavy equipment and commercial assets. Though an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) agency, we put our eggs in the auction basket.

Unlike traditional real estate and personal property listings, auctions set no ceiling on sale price. Instead of the price haggling coming between the seller and buyer(s), bidders compete with each other on an upward swing to determining sale price. The live auction’s environment by nature encourages aggressive buyers.


The auction method also guarantees a set sale day, thereby taking away the worry of prolonged holding periods and carrying costs. A set sale date allows for a shorter and more intense marketing campaign, with media products such as direct mail pieces, newspaper display ads, television/radio commercials, and exclusive web pages and signage.

Prior to the marketing period, sellers receive preliminary advertising budgets delineating the geographic markets and suggested media for their respective properties. Whether through press releases or personal contact, we also try to generate free advertising in the form of news stories both in print and on the airways.

We walk the extra mile to sell your property, to make the event memorable – to serve you.
  • Guaranteed Sale Day with Shorter Marketing Period
  • Simultaneous Competition Among Buyers, Ability to Force Buyers into Action
  • Local, Regional, National and International Exposure with Custom Marketing Solutions
  • Direct Mail Campaign with Proprietary Buyer and Purchased Mailing Lists
  • Exclusive Web Site Information for Each Property
  • Timely Press Releases, Telemarketing and Public Relations
  • Contingency-free Contracts and Non-refundable Deposits
  • Intense Focus on the Properties to be Marketed
  • Creates Day of Sale Competition and Excitement
  • Generates a Sense of Urgency for the Buyer
  • Email and Fax Blasts
  • Live Internet Bidding