Stars in the Industry

…accolades and associations

awards_pic1Our Firm employs the most experienced auction staff in the region, a group that gives 110% effort to ensure your auction’s success. Our team has worked together for many years, with a combined total of 300+ years of experience, serving the public’s auction marketing needs.

As auctioneers, we often sell the cumulative memories of someone’s life – their family farm, their antiques, their relative’s estate. With each project, we think about how we’d want our families’ life-work represented, how careful and creative we’d be with our parents’ or grandparents’ assets. That’s why we work with the nationally-awarded web and advertising designers in the auction industry.

Our designers create all advertising materials from the direct-mail brochures to the auction’s exclusive web page, from television spots to newspaper ads.

Consolidating all of these services saves production time and passes that that savings on to the budget.

While it’s true auctions have limited budgets and even more constrained time frames, their promotional material doesn’t have to reflect that. Our numerous advertising awards prove that best.

We have joined the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) Institute and most of our auctioneers are graduates of the Auction Marketing Institute and also hold the prestigious Certified Auction Institute (CAI) designation.

awards_pic2William C. Bryant, III, president, is one of the few to have earned the Accredited Auctioneers of Real Estate (AARE) designation. Bill has also served on the National Association of Realtors Committee and is a member of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, based in Boston.

Counts Realty and Auction Group includes members of the Virginia, North Carolina and National Auctioneers Association, the local, state and National Association of Realtors, the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers and the local, state and National Association of Home Builders.

We are members of the Virginia Forestry Association in Virginia; and as a Gold Star certified business, we have been designated as an exemplary Lynchburg area business. Counts Realty and Auction Group fields a well-rounded team you can trust.