• Estate Auction

    Before employing Counts Realty and Auction to assist me as Executor of a substantial estate, I had heard nothing but favorable reports. After their performance, I can say without fear of contradiction, that they are a competent staff of well trained professionals who are knowledgeable, competent and effective. Their advertisements are well done and widely publicized. They took charge from the time of our agreement and the end result could not have been more favorable. I have been engaged in law practice in the Bedford County area for more than 40 years and have been involved in a large number of auction sales, real estate, farming equipment and all other types of personal property and have observed many other auction sales. Without questions, the Counts Group is clearly the best. I am personally acquainted with the personnel at this company and I know them to be individuals of integrity.

    Lacey E. Putney

    Commonwealth of Virginia, House of Delegates

  • Recent Estate Auction

    It is indeed a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for the benefit of The Counts Realty and Auction Group. This company takes control of all aspects of an auction from the time of engagement. The advertisements are ample, effective, and well-placed. Once the auction begins the various stages proceed in an almost effortless, seamless fashion. Competition among bidders is encouraged, but with subtlety. The staff is highly-trained and efficient, performing with military-like precision. The principles for conducting the auction are innovative, yet sound; and as much energy is devoted to preparation to the sale itself. The personnel are extremely knowledgeable in the latest techniques for marketing property. They are also personable and above all people of integrity. Recently, this firm assisted me in disposing of a large decedent's estate. The results exceeded expectations. Having practiced law in Bedford for 28 years (serving as part-time County Attorney for 22 years) I have observed many real estate sales and auctions. In my opinion at this time, The Counts Realty and Auction Group is without a peer.

    J.G. Overstreet

    Attorney at Law

  • 2 Recent Auctions

    I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the auction firm of Ted Counts Realty & Auction. I have recently had occasion to use them for two (2) separate sales and I have been very much impressed with their performance. I highly recommend this firm for the sale of any property, both real and personal, in the Piedmont Virginia area. They have a very competent staff and have been in business for an appreciable length of time. They have a loyal following that attends their sales. I can, without qualification, recommend this firm for the sale of real estate and personal property in the Piedmont Virginia area.

    Thomas L. Phillips

    Phillips & Morrison, Attorneys at Law

  • Auction

    I'm writing to express/record my congratulations and appreciation on the way the auction on Country Club Drive was conducted. I'm also very pleased with the results. First, congratulations on employing such professional people. They were very thorough, accurate and yet considerate and courteous. The auction began promptly as scheduled and progressed rapidly without confusion. This was due to your people and their opinions/feelings of those participating. Second, my sincere thanks for making certain that everyone respected the privacy and concerns of the neighbors. Also, the presentation and emphasis of the building restrictions is most appreciated. This is very important to us and you and your people handled it with extreme professionalism. This is one of only a few auctions that I have attended and I will highly recommend you and your organization with or without solicitations whenever possible. Thanks again. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist your efforts further in the future.

    Wayne H. Dahlgren

    Lynchburg, Virginia