The Counts Team provides turnkey auction services, from inventory to closing.

These capabilities include complete appraisal services for real estate, personal property, industrial equipment and commercial inventory. Both our main office and sale sites have computer-driven registration, cashiering and accounting.

Our work reflects the adage, “If you want something done, give it to someone already busy.”

While treating each auction with individual attention, we have gained superlative experience by the number of auctions conducted each year. That experience breeds a higher efficiency, a better flexibility and knowledge of the buying market – creating more demand and a potentially higher sale price for each of our clients.


Placing a value on a business is a challenge. And when that value has to be accurate, it calls for expert help. J.A. “Tim” Timmons is ready to serve bankers, attorneys, accountants, estates and individuals throughout central Virginia with prompt, reliable business valuations.

Establishing an accurate value for an ongoing business involves more than just a glance at the financial statements. It calls for an in-depth knowledge of the appropriate marketplace. It takes a sharp forecast of future earnings and returns on investments. And it demands a realistic assessment of asset replacement costs – not to mention a thorough knowledge of IRS guidelines and proper documentation. Tim will provide exactly that for you or your client.

Tim Timmons brings to Counts nearly 20 years of financial management experience. His background as a college faculty member spans more than two decades – giving him a sound knowledge of business principles to complement his considerable experience in the commercial business arena. He offers his clients the confidence of dealing with an established professional.


MULTI-TRACT: Whether it’s development lots, timber land, or farms, our multi-tract system divides properties into varying-size pieces to appeal to more different buyers. More demand with static supply means you get more dollars for your property than offering it as a whole.

At our multi-tract real estate sales, bidders can bid on parts of, or the whole property, a great method for selling timber, development, farm and recreational land.

COMMERCIAL: Carrying costs, listing fees, and longer holding periods of traditional listings can keep you from transferring your real estate assets to other investments. The auction method gives you a guaranteed sale date with a shorter holding period and often lower advertising costs. Whether it’s rental units, retail space, or office, you can count on us to get it sold.


In today’s heavy machinery and trucking industries, the most widely-used method of liquidation is the auction. We have over 40 years of experience and success in complete liquidations, inventory reductions, and consignment sales.


We’ve been conducting the sales of livestock, farm ground and machinery since we started in 1963. We are equipped to handle complete livestock auctions from start to finish. We furnish pens, gates and loading chutes, as well as tents, bleachers and sale rings – not to mention a capable support staff to handle livestock preparation, hauling and handling.

Our staff includes specialists in farm machinery, beef cattle, dairy cows, and equipment. Our knowledge of farm machinery and livestock makes us the perfect choice to sell working farms, mini farms, “gentleman” farms, or large estates.


The Counts Team can smoothly supervise all the many details involved in business liquidation, including:

  • Appraisal
  • Contract
  • Inventory
  • Setup
  • Organization
  • Promotion
  • Sale
  • Closing

We provide free quotes and full accounting records.

The Counts Team gets you the best price and the quickest money, at the most advantageous terms for the seller on all types of business inventory equipment, or machines.

The Counts Realty & Auction Group’s ability to recognize the best way to dispose of equipment for the highest price possible is unparalleled.

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